Nada - Music Healing

Mind is the wave emerging from the subtle transformation of bio-magnetism in living beings. This wave as any other wave in the nature is characterized by a frequency. Research shows that human mental frequency is between 14 Hz to 40 Hz.
Sri Swamiji's music originated from the ancient tradition of Rāgā Rāgini vidhyā and is aimed at shifting the level of consciousness of the listeners to subtler mind frequencies thus helping them experience inner peace, harmony, and quietness of mind.
Music is an universal language. Sri Swamiji's music is not limited to any particular religion, culture, time, place or people.
In concerts, Sri Swamiji plays His own compositions on the synthesizer and is accompanied by musicians playing classical Indian instruments. Sri Swamiji has related specific rāgās (classical melodies) with healing of specific body organs based on His extensive research. The science of this lies in the vibration frequencies of these organs. The body has a number of energy centers, called "chakrās", each of these has its own natural element basis, such as earth, fire, and water. Each rāgā produces vibrations appropriate to that specific element and a set of related body organs.  Sri Swamiji has defined the relationships of particular rāgās and how they can be utilized to balance the potentially sick vibrations.
Sri Swamiji also uses the concepts from Astrology, Astronomy, Herbology, Ayurveda, Gemology, Musicology, Human Psychology and Anatomy in choosing the rāgās for different ailments.
Sri Swamiji's scintillating music has helped many a patient, listener, seeker, devotee, and musician in various capacities and has thus acquired a reverential status in everyone's mind. His music is a panacea for all those who've  experienced it.