JDRC History

Nestled in the beautiful setting of the rural Pennsylvania woodlands, Jesus Datta Retreat Center (JDRC) in West Sunbury, has evolved into a peaceful refuge, perfect for meditation in natural surroundings. Approximately 50 miles north of Pittsburgh, the creation of this unique spiritual Center was inspired in 1986 by the teachings of His Holiness Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji.
Sri Swamiji has described JDRC in this way: “The center is not a religion. It is neither Hindu, Christian nor Buddhist. It’s a Nature center, a healing center……a Natural healing center.”   The Universal Datta Sanctuary is located amongst three natural rocks. Sri Swamiji named them as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. He spoke of them in this way.  “A rock is a powerful crystal. I don’t call it rock. Now, it is a powerful soul. There is a good vibration here. If your heart, mind, and soul’s power make a connection with rock power, then the healing power is coming.” He encourages all visitors to touch the Shiva and Vishnu rocks. He has referred to JDRC as the American Kedārnath and a “Tapovan” (forest for spiritual practice). JDRC is open seven days a week for visitors who wish to chant, meditate, pray, and perform service. Overnight stays are available. Please contact JDRC to confirm availability.